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Step 6. Add 5 ml of a 1 per cent ethanolic dimethylglyoxime solution, stir, and stand for about 10 min. If there is no precipitate, proceed to Step 7. If a red precipitate appears, this indicates the presence 28 ANALYSIS OF ANCIENT METALS of nickel. Filter off the precipitate, wash a few times with small portions of water, and use the filtrate and washings for Step 7. Step 7, Add 10 ml of concentrated nitric acid and evaporate to dryness. Dissolve any residue in 10 ml of water, and filter if necessary to remove any insoluble matter.

A precipitate indicates the presence of silver. Heat to coagulate the silver chloride, filter, wash with a few small portions of 1 per cent nitric acid, and use the filtrate and washings for Step 3. Step 3. Add 1 ml of concentrated sulfuric acid to the solution contained in a beaker and evaporate on a hot plate until white fumes of sulfur trioxide first appear. Cool, add 25 ml of water and stir to dissolve the salts. If all the salts dissolve, use the solution for Step 4. If a heavy white crystalline residue of lead sulfate remains, this indicates the presence of lead.

Nearly all the published information on the specific gravity of such coins is contained in the books a n d articles listed below. Many of the figures for specific gravity and fineness contained in these publications are expressed to a higher degree of accuracy than is warranted by the methods used to obtain them, and the correctness of some of these figures, especially those obtained on very small coins and those of low gold content, is questionable. Nevertheless most of this information is useful.

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