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An advent to pseudo-differential operators. This version keeps the scope and magnificence of the unique textual content. A bankruptcy at the interchange of order of differentiation and integration is extra firstly to make the booklet extra self-contained, and a bankruptcy on susceptible suggestions of pseudo-differential equations is extra on the finish to augment the worth of the publication as a piece on partial differential equations. a number of chapters are supplied with extra routines. The bibliography is a little bit multiplied and an index is additional.

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9) ^ for all ^ G R” . 9) and the induction hypothesis, there exists a positive constant Cm,& such that |(a«T) ( 0 | < C r r . J , Y . { 'f ) ^ 3 + l« l)'"'‘ '( l + = + |£|)’“ -h l 5. 8) and ’ J S< 0 \ ° the principle of mathematical induction, the proof is complete. We give two very simple properties of pseudo-differential oper­ ators. 5. Then a = t . Let a and r be two symbols such that = Tt - We first prove a lemma. 6. Let f be a continuous tempered function such that Tf{

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