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It has been shown that the strong acid-weak base type pH may of a solution of a salt of the be calculated in the following manner: pH = %pKw - |pBOH At ordinary temperatures %pKw equals i log 7, c. (35) whereas at 100 it is pH at 100 is smaller by one unit, equal to 6. Evidently the the of the and reaction solution at this temperature is corre- spondingly more acid. Conversely, in a solution of a salt of a strong base and weak acid, the hydroxyl ion exponent at 100 is likewise lowered to the same extent.

Beihefte, #5, 69 K. Maiwald: Kolloidchem. Beihefte, 37, 251 (1928). (1927). 2 G. Lehmann: Biochem. , 133, 30 (1922). 1 177, 389 (1926). THE REACTION OF The molar ACIDS, BASES, buffer capacity as defined AND SALTS by VAN SLYKE is 31 deter- mined only by the ratio acid/salt, and is independent of the total concentration of either component. C. MORTON l has proposed a measure of buffer capacity in terms of the dilution defined capacity /3 effect. He as dji In this equation n is a measure of the total electrolyte concen" " In very (cf.

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