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Translate each underlined expression, and then replace FROM with a minus sign. Don’t forget to turn the expression around! The expression translates to (20 – x) – (x + 12). Example 10: Translate the following: the product of seven minus a number and the difference between the same number and four Translate this word problem in the following way: 1. Underline the expressions before and after AND, which corre- sponds with the leading keyword PRODUCT OF. the product of seven minus a number and the difference between the same number and four 2.

Mathematics standards dictate that you do not have to include coefficients of 1, so you may simplify this one more time to –x – 5. Chapter Checkout Q&A Simplify the following expressions by using the distributive property and combining like terms. 1. 3x + 2(x + 2) 2. x + 5(x + 4) 3. 4x + 3(2x + 6) 4. 10 + 2(x – 3) 5. 3(x – 3) + 6 6. 2(x + 5) – 3x 7. –3(x + 4) + 5 8. –2(x – 4) + 5 9. 3x – 2(x + 6) 10. 4x – 2(x – 2) 11. –3(x – 5) + 6 12. x – 2(x + 4) 13. 4 – (x – 5) 14. 3 – (x + 4) 15. 9 – (x + y – 2) 36 CliffsQuickReview Math Word Problems Answers: 1.

You also could use the broad definition of perimeter and simply add the lengths of the sides. Using the formula (an equation) is the preferred method. An equation is necessary to solve more complicated word problems. Area of a triangle The area of a figure is the amount of surface enclosed by a closed figure. One way to recognize an area word problem is to visualize an area rug covering the shape. To find the area of a triangle use the formula A = 12 bh, where b represents the base of the triangle and h represents the height.

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