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By Heather Adamson

This booklet follows a physician throughout the paintings day, and describes the career and what the task calls for.

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New Orleans, LA: Anchorage Press. Recognised as the standard textbook in the field of theatre for young audiences and a very useful book for teachers. ) Johnstone, K. (1999). Impro for Storytellers. New York: Routledge/Theatre Arts Books. As a long-time master of the art of improvisation, Keith Johnstone’s writings are highly recommended for anyone interested in spontaneous drama, especially the unscripted humour which so often accompanies it. McLeish, K. (2003) Guide to Greek Theatre and Drama.

Stimulating and motivating children in the classroom Before we get as far as responding to children’s questions we have to take certain steps to create situations in which it is more likely that children will be motivated and able to ask them in the first place. One of the most important judgements teachers make on a daily basis is the choice of resources to use for teaching. Whenever we make this selection, we influence the kind of learning interaction that is likely to take place. If we want searching conversations to take place, we have to avoid those resources that seem to tell us exactly what to think and to choose starting points that are genuinely thoughtprovoking.

What we are not doing here is giving free reign to fantasy. History requires a disciplined use of the imagination, one that subjects its products to the test of evidence. We shouldn’t think of the Vikings as horned and hairy because there is no evidence that they were and we should treat the evidence we do have about them as biased because most of it comes from their enemies, to whom they were the terrorists of the Dark Ages. But we should also remember that the way we see history is changing. This does not just mean that it is now being written from many different points of view, for example ‘black’ history or women’s history.

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