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By D. H. Figueredo, Frank Argote-Freyre

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Prisoners were tortured until they betrayed where family possessions were hidden. ) captured Havana and burned it to the ground. In 1573, Francis Drake (1540–96) raided Panama, and in 1585–86 he looted Santo Domingo. King Philip II of Spain (r. 1556–98) and the colonial governors undertook the task of building fortresses to protect the cities. In 1586, an Italian engineer named Juan Bautista Antonelli (1550–1616), known as the “architect of the King’s defense,” drew up plans for the fortresses El Morro of Havana, El Morro of San Juan, and several other forts and garrisons throughout the Caribbean.

Haitians flatten it into a dough, similar to bread, and it is eaten as such. Cubans and Puerto Ricans boil and sometimes fry cassava. The cassava is then served hot with olive oil, garlic sauce, and slivers of either garlic or onion. It accompanies a main meal of beef or pork. Spector, Amy. ” Nation’s Restaurant News 37, 27 (July 2003): 37. using different words and forms of address, suggesting a language usage determined by gender. This might be a by-product of intermarriage between the Tainos and the Caribs.

Augustine, Florida. Similar walls were erected in Havana, San Juan, and throughout the Caribbean to protect cities from attacks. (Photo by D. H. Figueredo) The typical fortification consisted of a massive fort on the top of a hill to protect the entry into the harbor, with protective walls surrounding the city. By the mid-17th century, the major cities and ports formed a sort of fortified chain. Smaller towns, however, were left unprotected and were often raided by the pirates. Though antisocial and amoral, some pirates practiced the earliest form of democracy in the Caribbean.

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