Download 2 X 2 = Boo: A Set of Spooky Multiplication Stories by Loreen Leedy PDF

By Loreen Leedy

ISBN-10: 0823412725

ISBN-13: 9780823412723

Multiplication is made frightfully enjoyable! A desk is integrated.

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Materials: ❏Pencils ❏Paper ❏Partner Play rock-paper-scissors to see which person will be the code breaker and who will be the code maker. After each round, you will switch jobs. The code maker should choose four different numbers from 1–10. Write down the numbers. Don’t let the code breaker see the numbers! ) Next, the code breaker will try to guess the secret numbers in the correct order. The code breaker writes his guesses on a piece of paper and shows it to the code maker. The code maker then uses a code to tell how close the guess is.

The woman was indeed a spy for the Germans, but she never got any information from Marthe. Fraulein Doktor She was wanted by the British MI6; a mysterious woman only known as Fraulein Doktor. She was credited with training the most successful German spies. She taught them how to use different names and identities and how to trick people into giving out secret information. German spies who were captured never uttered her real name and the British never captured her. Now 100 years after the start of the war, no one knows for sure who the master spy teacher was, but several movies have been made about her adventures.

Nothing the British prime minister said could convince Woodrow Wilson of the need to help the Allies. Early in 1917, Germany decided to break its promise of restricted submarine warfare and began sinking all types of vessels, including neutral ships and passenger boats. The American Congress was outraged, and cut off all diplomatic relations with Germany, but still did not declare war. S. embassies to send messages. What the Americans did not know was that the British Intelligence service had tapped the wires and was intercepting all of the messages that went out of the embassies.

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